Village of Franklin News

Wastewater Treatment System

The Village of Franklin is well into developing a wastewater treatment system for the Village. The planning stage is almost complete, with the purchase of 51 acres east of Franklin. The two lagoon sites will be on this land as well as a spray irrigation system for the treated water.

The design stage is well under way with the layout on a large VIllage map of the lines, manholes and lift station sites. All of these plans will be submitted by our engineers to the IEPA for their approval. When the approval process is complete we will apply for a construction grant to supplement the 65% grant for the overall project. The rest of the project will be financed by a 2 1/2% loan through the IEPA.

THe time line for this project is to let bids for construction in late summer 2007. Preliminary work will begin late fall 2007. the project is expected to be completed in winter 2008 or summer 2009.

We are in the process of acquiring permanent and temporary easements form VIllage residents for this project. These easements are very important for the completion of this project. Everyone is welcome to view the wastewater project map at the Village Hall during business hours.