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Nuisances Ordinances

1. Weeds; to be removed.
No person, firm or corporation shall permit weeds or grass to grow to a greater height than sixteen (16) inches upon any premises owned or occupied by him, her, or them, upon any ground or space in the rear of such premises to the center of any alley in the rear thereof, or shall refuse or neglect to cut or cause to be cut any grass or weeds when notified to do so by any officer of the city, shall be subject to a fine herein provided.

2. Deposits of offal, garbage, etc. in streets.
Whoever shall deposit any offal, garbage, night soil, ashes or other refuse matter of any description upon any streets, alley, vacant lot, public grounds, or premises within the limits of the Village of Franklin, shall be deemed guilty of maintaining a nuisance and on conviction shall be fined as herein provided.

3. Parking of wrecked, damaged, or disabled vehicles.
(A) No person shall store, place, or keep any wrecked, damaged, disabled or inoperable automobile, upon any lot, parcel, or tract of land, unless garaged, for more than twenty (20) days.

This section shall not apply to the storage of vehicles at any heretofore recognized public garage or autobody repair, provided said public garage or autobody repair, operated as such during the usual daylight business hour in effect in the trade or business, and is open to the public; all in compliance with the ordinances of this city, provided such storage does not exceed thirty (30) days.

(B) No person shall place, store, park or keep any wrecked, damaged, disabled or inoperable automobile or other vehicle, upon the public street for more than twenty-four hours (24).

For the purpose of definition, the public street shall mean that portion of the public property extending from lot line to lot line, as recognized or established.

4. Penalty
Whoever violates any of the provisions of this chapter, where another penalty is not specifically provided, shall be fined in the amount not more than one hundred (100) dollars.  Each day that such offense occurs or continues shall be deemed a separate offense.