Franklin History Book - Do You Remember?
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Do you remember a hitchrack around the park?

Dorothy Sargent playing the piano at the local theater?

Homer Van Winkle delivering papers?

When you could hardly find a parking place on Saturday nights?

"Shorty" Snow?

Gypsy wagons going through the country?

Will Hart's blacksmith's shop?

Tent shows in the park?

Carl Austin's electric car?

The "Rackett" store?

Basketball games at Marquette Hall?

When you had to crank your car and the telephone?

"Doc" Cline and his one-horse spring wagon, buying eggs and chickens in the country?

Hamburger at 10 cents a pound?

Burma Shave ads along the highway?

"Job" Jolly in a big white butcher apron behind a huge meatblock?

Painted stripes on the telephone poles along the country roads to match the route?

The Rees "Fox and Coon Dog" hunts?

When practically every home had chickens in the back yard?

"Tez" Malone selling peanuts at the local movies?

Taking a bath in the wash tub on Saturday night?

Carrying a lunch bucket to school?

That you knew it was spring when you could take off your long underwear and go barefoot?

Heating up your flat iron on the old cook stove?

Tom Miller's ice cream cones? George Kirby's sled rides?

Skating on the sidewalks of Franklin?