Franklin History Book - Author's Note
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Franklin, like most small towns, has suffered losses in business, population, etc. in the last half century with the coming of improved highways, transportation, and supermarkets. However, it is still a good place to live and raise a family. We don't have the problems that large cities have to contend with. We are a rural community. We live close to the land, and have good churches, schools, and friendly people. We need to take greater pride in our heritage and in our environment. We each have a responsibility to keep this a good, wholesome community in which to live.

Recent population trends indicate that people are becoming attracted to smaller towns in the rural areas. They are fed up with violence, crime, and pollution in the cities. They feel they can control their lives more effectively in smaller communities. In recent years, a feeling has emerged that small towns have successfully preserved a lifestyle cherished by Americans. We live in a fast-moving and complex society that seems to have lost the sense of values that made this country great. It is true that we have made greater technological advancements in this twentieth century, more so than throughout all history, but we have lost something along the way. We don't seem to learn much from history, but we can, and we must reassess our priorities.

Wayne M. Rolston