Franklin History Book - The Rees Plowing Meet
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One annual event in this area that was of great interest, not only to the people of the community, but throughout the state, was the Rees Plowing Meet. It was held on the Milford Rees farm beginning in 1925, and drew thousands of people each year.

It was primarily an educational event. The information secured by competitive tests of fuel, oil, types of plows, and tractors furnished invaluable data to the Farm Mechanics Department of the state university for research work. Aside from the technical data, it was of great practical importance to the thousands of farmers and machinery men who attended. Under the competent management of Mr. Rees, the Farm Bureau, and the Farm Mechanics Department of the University of Illinois, the meet was maintained free from commercialism, and in a spirit of fair and open competition. It was a success not only as a competitive event, but also as a wholesome social gathering.

Rees Plowing Meet