Franklin History Book - The Christian Church
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For more than 100 years, the Franklin Christian Church has had a strong influence in the community. The exact date of its organization is not known. A small, one-room building once stood in the same location of the present day building. A boardwalk led up to the church door, and the lot was surrounded by a board fence. The building was heated by cast iron or sheet iron stoves that burned wood. The seats were long, straight-backed, uncomfortable wooden benches. Two or three steps led up to the built-in pulpit. Behind this was a bench for the minister to sit on. Some of the early pastors included L. L. Norton, Shields, Jack Sweeney, Josh Sweeney, Marshall Goode, Galen Goode, M. L. Anthony, and Samuel M. Connor who was pastor when the new church was built.

The old church building became inadequate for the needs of the congregation, and a few of the members, while attending a dinner at the home of John W. Lutterell, decided that immediate action should be taken to provide a new building. Pledges were made by those present and the soliciting for funds began the next day. The building fund grew rapidly. A one-room building was completed and dedicated at a Sunday service early in the year of 1887. Later a baptistry was added. For a number of years, this building was heated by coal stoves-- one on each side of the room. Later, the basement was added, and the present heating system was installed. In recent years, considerable improvements have been made. Adjoining property was acquired and converted into an educational wing. Remodeling and redecorating has continued, and a convenient, well-appointed facility now serves the community.

Rev. Conner, who was the minister when the new church was built, was succeeded by Pastors Knock, McReynolds, Swindle, Agee, Shaw, Burton, Clemmer, Spayde, Campbell, Todd, Teaney, Brubeck, Kuntz, Porter, Howard, Leach Stockdale, Hill, Rule, Owens, Turner, Franklin, Beach, and Nordhielm. The present pastor is William Redmond.

Christian Church in 1982